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Know the Professor: Noam Peleg

  • Signed an open letter urging the Australian government “to condemn the state of Israel and its actions, and re-evaluate its current and proposed trade agreements…[and] to suspend its defence cooperation with Israel and halt acquisitions of Israeli military equipment.” The letter accused Israel of committing ethnic cleansing, perpetrating war crimes and massacres, and declaring war on Palestinians.[1]
  • Signed an open letter urging an Australian professor not to accept the prestigious Dan David prize administered by Tel-Aviv University because “accepting it serves to legitimize and normalize Israel’s colonial violence and apartheid.” The letter also called to “respect the wishes of Palestinian people” by boycotting Israel.”[2]
  • Contributed to the anti-Israel book “Victimizing Children and the Manifestations of Childhood,” written by Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian. The book accuses Israel of carrying out intentional setter colonial violence against Palestinian children.”[3]




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