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Know the Professor: Nadera Shelhov-Kevorkian

  • Gave lectures in Amsterdam and New York’s Columbia University claiming that Israel is a “death machine” and tests its weapons on Palestinian children in order to boost its arms sales as combat-proven.[1][2]
  • In response to her talks, Hebrew University sent out a letter to its supporters asserting that Shelhov-Kevorkian’s “claims” are “baseless” and that they “resolutely and firmly” reject her position.[3]
  • Participated in an event hosted by the University of California in which she accused Israel of being an apartheid state that engages in ethnic cleansing and the murder of innocent Palestinian civilians, including children. She also “insist[ed] on the need today, at this moment, for global political movement” against Israel.[4][5]
  • Director of the Gender Studies Program at Mada al-Carmel,[6] an anti-Israel organization that authored the “Haifa Declaration” which calls for Israel to change from a Jewish State to a state of all its citizens. In the same declaration, Israel was accused of “taking advantage” of the Holocaust at the expense of the Palestinians.
  • She was an activist in the radical left-wing organization “Gisha,”[7] which, inter alia, slanders Israel at the UN, accuses Israel of “collective punishment” in Gaza, and petitions Israeli courts against the IDF.
  • According to the Israel Academia Monitor, she met with a group of BDS activists.[8]
  • “Israel commits war crimes” “Criminals should be punished” “Israel is a killing machine” [9]
  • Professor Kivorkian also signed a petition regarding so-called “Israeli war crimes” [10]


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