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Know the Professor: Hagar Kotef

  • Signed a petition calling on the European Council, Commission and the European Parliament to pressure Israel into surrendering to Hamas’ demands.[1]
  • Wrote an anti-Israel book, “The Colonizing Self: Or, Home and Homelessness in Israel / Palestine,” which aims to show how Israel’s “settler-colonial violence [has become] inseparable from one’s sense of self.”[2]
  • Co-wrote an anti-Israel academic article titled “When does a native become a settler?” in which she discusses the “Zionist settler project” and how it led to the “the negation and elimination of Arab Palestinians’ history and their connection to the land.”[3]
  • Was an activist in the far-Left NGO “Machsom Watch.”[4]
  • Co-authored an anti-Israel issue of the Israeli Affairs Journal of the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) marking “50 Years since the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”[5]
  • Co-authored an anti-Israel article with pro-BDS professor Merav Amir titled “Between Imaginary Lines: Violence and its Justifications at the Military Checkpoints in Occupied Palestine,” which argued that Israeli checkpoints “function as corrective technologies that are meant to fail. It is with this failure that violence can appear as justified.”[6]
  • Co-authored another anti-Israel academic article with pro-BDS professor Merav Amir titled “(En)Gendering Checkpoints: Checkpoint Watch and the Repercussions of Intervention,” which lauds the far-left Israeli NGO Machsom Watch and describes Israeli rule as “sexist, nationalistic and racist.”[7]
  • Authored an anti-Israel academic article titled “Violence Attachments”, which “offer[s] a model for understanding the ways by which mass/state/institutionalized violence is made acceptable.”[8]
  • Gave an anti-Israel lecture in Sweden in which she said that everyone who lives in Israel is part of the “project of dispossession” that is Zionism. She also stated that “violence is part of who [Israelis] are.”[9]

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