Know the Professor: Ariella Azoulay

  • Supports and promotes BDS.[1][2]
  • Wrote a pro-BDS article in the South Atlantic Quarterly academic journal.[3]
  • Co-authored the anti-Israel book, “The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine.”[4]
  • During the Second intifada, Azoulay signed an open letter describing Palestinian violence as “a legitimate revolt against colonial occupation.”[5]
  • Signed a petition accusing Israel of harming the academic freedom of Palestinians. The petition was then used by a pro-boycott organization to “vindicate[e]…its campaign for the institutional boycott of the Israeli academy.”[6]
  • Signed a petition to boycott Ariel University because of its location in Judea & Samaria.[7]
  • Signed a petition urging international pressure on Israel and accusing it of “killing and wounding of human beings who are exercising their elementary right to claim political freedom.”[8]
  • Signed a petition calling on the European Council, Commission and the European Parliament to pressure Israel into surrendering to Hamas’ demands.[9]
  • Gave a lecture at Cornell University in which she blackened out all the photos of early Jewish pioneers of Israel in her presentation, stating “I can’t bear to look at them.[10]
  • Signed a letter urging Australian historian Alison Bashford not to accept the prestigious Dan David Prize, which is headquartered at Tel-Aviv University, because doing so would “legitimize and normalize Israel’s colonial violence and apartheid.”[11]












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