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Know the Professor: Alon Harel

  • Initiated a petition calling to boycott products made in Judea and Samaria.[1]
  • After the 2018 terrorist attack in which two Israelis were brutally murdered in the Barkan industrial area, Harel said that the attack was “very similar to the acts of murder that the IDF perpetrates on the southern border.”[2]
  • Signed a petition calling on EU member states to boycott “organizations and companies if they are active, directly or indirectly, in the occupied territories.”[3]
  • Signed a petition against adding Ariel University to the Israel Council for Higher Education because it is in “occupied territory.”[4]
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the “Association for Civil Rights in Israel,” [5] a radical-left NGO that defends terrorists in courts, accuses Israel of war crimes, and petitions against the IDF.
  • Signed a petition in support of the anti-Israel NGO “Breaking the Silence.”[6]
  • During an argument with Jerusalem residents, Harel shouted derogatorily: “the Bible up my ass.”[7]
  • Sent harassing messages on Facebook at 2:00 a.m. to a pro-Israel student.[8]
  • Signed a petition advocating the release of terrorist supporter Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and convicted for inciting violence and supporting a terrorist organization.[9]
  • Signed a petition in “support and appreciation” of students and lecturers who illegally refused to do IDF service in Judea and Samaria.[10]











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