Know the Professor: Anat Matar

  • Supports and promotes BDS.[1]
  • Wrote in the pro-BDS anti-Israel website, Electric Intifada: “The IDF is a criminal army,” and accused the IDF of carrying out “the shootings of children and elderly women.”[2]
  • Promotes refusing to serve in the IDF, claiming it is “the right thing to do.”[3]
  • Said that terrorists were actually “political prisoners” and accused Israel of violating their rights.[4]
  • Spoke at a pro-BDS conference in Nazerath, Israel, and said that “Israeli academia was integral to the oppression of Palestinians” and explained how she prefers to speak at international conferences because “I am freer to say what I really think of BDS when I am abroad.”[5]
  • Signed a petition in support of Hermann Dierkes, a leader of the Left Wing Party in Germany, who called to boycott Israel.[6]
  • Was a featured speaker during “Israeli Apartheid Week” in Helsinki.[7]
  • Signed an open letter denouncing Boston’s Museum of Science for co-sponsoring and hosting an exhibit on Israeli innovation, calling it an attempt to “deflect attention from [Israel’s] atrocious human rights record and fundamentally discriminatory policies.” The letter also accused the Technion of developing “technologies of death” used against Palestinians.[8]
  • Signed an open letter calling on the German government to reject a resolution equating BDS with anti-Semitism. The letter also urged Germany to continue funding organizations, including pro-BDS NGOs, that “peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation” and “expose severe violations of international law.”[9]
  • Signed a petition urging “massive intervention by the international community” against “Israel’s atrocities.”[10]
  • In response to a lecture to be given in Tel-Aviv University by a former head of the IDF’s International Law Division, Matar, expressed “shock” that students would be taught by “someone who helped to justify killing of civilians, including hundreds of children.”[11]
  • Signed an anti-Israel letter addressed to then UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, accusing Israel of carrying out “ethnic cleansing.”[12]
  • Signed a petition calling on the European Council, Commission and the European Parliament to pressure Israel into surrendering to Hamas’ demands.[13]
  • Signed a petition in support of anti-Semitic British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and of “end[ing] the occupation and the blockade of Gaza.”[14]
  • Signed a letter accusing Israel of subjecting Palestinians “to life in fearsome ghettos” and demanding international intervention against Israel.[15]
  • Signed a letter congratulating the Canadian Union of Public Employees for boycotting Israel.[16]
  • Signed a petition accusing Israel of harming the academic freedom of Palestinians. The petition was then used by a pro-boycott organization to “vindicate[e]…its campaign for the institutional boycott of the Israeli academy.”[17]
  • Signed a petition advocating for the release of terrorist supporter Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and convicted for inciting violence and supporting a terrorist organization.[18]
  • Signed a petition in “support and appreciation” of students and lecturers who illegally refused to carry out their IDF service in Judea & Samaria.”[19]
  • Signed a petition urging the Spanish parliament to recognize a Palestinian state.[20]
  • Signed a petition to boycott Ariel University because of its location in Judea & Samaria.[21]
  • Signed a petition accusing Israel of the “slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people” in Gaza.[22]
  • Signed a petition calling to lift the “siege” on Gaza.[23]
























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