Know the Professor: David Enoch

  • Signed a petition calling on EU member states to boycott “organizations and companies if they are active, directly or indirectly, in the occupied territories.”[1]
  • Draft-dodger.[2]
  • Compared the IDF’s activities during Operation Protective Edge to that of Hamas.[3]
  • Signed a petition in support of the Islamic Movement.[4]
  • Participated in a protest against the drafting of Christians to the IDF.[5]
  • Signed a petition in “support and appreciation” of students and lecturers who illegally refused to do IDF service in Judea and Samaria.[6]
  • Signed a petition advocating for the release of terrorist supporter Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and convicted for inciting violence and supporting a terrorist organization.[7]
  • Signed a petition in support of the anti-Zionist organization “Breaking the Silence.”[8]
  • Threatened to take legal measures against students who came in army uniform in support of an IDF officer who was reprimanded by a lecturer for arriving to class in uniform.[9]










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