Know the Professor: Marcelo Svirsky

  • Supports and promotes BDS.[1]
  • Walked some 300 kilometers from Sydney to Canberra, Australia, in order to raise awareness about the BDS movement and petition the Australian government to support BDS.[2]
  • Signed a letter in “support and appreciation” for a professor who published a pro-BDS article in the LA Times.[3]
  • Falsely accused Israeli journalists of encouraging “Israeli soldiers to rape Palestinian teenage girls.”[4][5]
  • Was one of the featured speakers at the 2017 Sydney BDS conference.[6]
  • Wrote an academic article titled “BDS as a Mediator,” which “discusses the BDS movement by looking into its affective powers.”[7]
  • Co-authored an anti-Israel book that “sets up a new methodology with which to study the settler colonial project in Palestine.”[8] The book asks: “In what ways can we divest from settler arrangements in the present-day?” and “How do we contribute to the decolonisation of Palestine?”[9]
  • Accused everyday Israelis of being “involved in the oppression of Palestinians.”[10]
  • Wrote a number of anti-Israel academic articles and op-eds.[11][12]













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