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Know the Professor: Hannan Hever

  • Former chair of the School of Literatures at the Hebrew University.[1]
  • Signed a petition urging “massive intervention by the international community” against “Israel’s atrocities.”[2]
  • Co-founded an organization calling to boycott products made in Judea and Samaria and to refuse IDF service there.[3]
  • Wrote a book titled Hebrew Literature and the 1948 War that “addresses the general failure of Hebrew literature to take responsibility for the Nakba.” The book also “illustrates how the language of modern Hebrew poetry and fiction reflects symptoms of Israeli national violence.”[4]
  • Wrote an article in Haaretz titled “The Nakba Is a Question of Responsibility,” in which he wrote that “Israel’s responsibility for the Nakba does not stop at the events of 1948. The Nakba, which is ongoing, is only getting worse – and for that, Israel is culpable.”[5]
  • Wrote an academic article explaining “the fact that the unethical results of the 1948 war still inhere in the Israeli state’s refusal to grant equal citizenship rights to all Palestinians, by recognizing their right of return.”[6]

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