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Know the Professor: Ronnen Ben-Arie

  • Signed an open letter urging the Pixies rock group to boycott Israel and cancel their planned show.[1]
  • After the Marrickville Council in Australia faced criticism over their BDS support, Ben-Arie signed a pro-BDS open letter titled, “Marrickville Council, Stand Firm in Your Support of BDS.”[2]
  • Co-authored an anti-Israel book that “sets up a new methodology with which to study the settler colonial project in Palestine.”[3] The book asks: “In what ways can we divest from settler arrangements in the present-day?” and “How do we contribute to the decolonisation of Palestine?”[4]
  • Co-authored an anti-Israel article accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “colonial oppression.”[5]
  • Signed a petition encouraging the United Methodist Church to “disinvest from companies who benefit from the Occupation of Palestine.”[6]







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