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Know the Professor: Yael Munk

  • Signed a letter in support of the “United Methodist [Church’s] proposal to divest from companies involved with Israel’s occupation.”[1]
  • Said it would be “naïve not to see the connection between one episode of destruction and another, between the destruction of European Jewry, as Roman Polanski sought to reconstruct in The Pianist, and the destruction of Palestine…”[2]
  • Wrote an academic article that explores the “the inevitable moral decline of women soldiers as they are plunged into the violent reality of military occupation.”[3]
  • Wrote an academic article that discusses the “catastrophic outcomes of the social dead end Zionism has reached. In the article she accused Israel of losing its “moral compass.”[4]
  • Co-edited a collection of anti-Israel articles with pro-BDS professor Eyal Sivan, including articles from other pro-BDS professors.[5]

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