Know the Professor: Yael Berda

  • Was a member of the “Princeton Committee on Palestine,”[1] an anti-Israel group that initiated a “Princeton Divests” campaign promoting divestment from Israel.[2]
  • Participated in a United Nations meeting in Geneva, where she blamed Israel’s “colonial control” and stated that the Arab residents of East Jerusalem are “under constant threat of violence”[3]
  • Berda is an activist in the radical NGO “Machson Watch,”[4] which monitors and publishes information on the operational activities of IDF soldiers, accuses Israel of being an apartheid state, and runs anti-Israel propaganda tours in English for tourists.
  • Filed a petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice on behalf of the radical NGO “Machson Watch.”[5]
  • In an interview with the far-left news site +972 Magazine on the subject of Palestinian work permits to Israel, Berda stated: “it’s not about security! It’s about segregation, separation, and containment!”[6]







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