Know the Professor: Nomi Erteschik-Shir

  • Signed a letter congratulating the Canadian Union of Public Employees for boycotting Israel.[1]
  • Signed a petition calling on the Irish government to put pressure on Israel and end trade agreements.[2]
  • Signed an open letter calling on the German government to reject a resolution equating BDS with anti-Semitism. The letter also urged Germany to continue funding organizations, including pro-BDS NGOs, that “peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation” and “expose severe violations of international law.” [3]
  • Signed a petition calling on the UN to pressure Israel into surrendering to Hamas’ demands.[4]
  • Signed an anti-Israel letter addressed to then UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, accusing Israel of carrying out “ethnic cleansing.”[5]
  • Signed a petition to boycott Ariel University because of its location in Judea & Samaria.[6]
  • Signed a petition against adding Ariel University to the Israel Council for Higher Education.[7]
  • Signed a petition advocating for the release of terrorist supporter Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and convicted for inciting violence and supporting a terrorist organization.[8]
  • Signed a petition calling to lift the “siege” on Gaza.[9]
  • Signed a petition accusing Israel of the “slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people” in Gaza. [10]











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