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Know the Professor: Galit Chazan-Rokem

  • Signed a petition calling to boycott Ariel University in Judea & Samaria.[1]
  • Signed a letter urging the British parliament to recognize a Palestinian state.[2]
  • Serves as a member of the Public Council of the anti-Zionist organization “B’Tselem.”[3]
  • Signed a petition in “support and appreciation” of students and lecturers who illegally refused to do IDF service in Judea and Samaria[4]
  • Participated in a demonstration in support of the anti-Zionist organization Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity.[5]
  • Served as a board member for the anti-Zionist NGO “Ir Amim.”[6]
  • Signed a petition in support of the anti-Zionist organization “Breaking the Silence.”[7]








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