Know the Professor: Noa Shaindlinger

  • Supports and promotes BDS.[1]
  • Signed a petition calling to boycott an international conference at Tel-Aviv University.[2]
  • Wrote “Good news” on her Facebook page in response to the death of two IDF soldiers who were killed in a helicopter accident.[3]
  • Signed a letter accusing Shimon Peres of war crimes and stated, for example, that he planted the first tree in the community of Ofra in Samaria.[4]
  • Spoke at “Israeli Apartheid Week” in Toronto.[5]
  • Signed a petition urging the American Anthropological Association to convene a vote on boycotting Israeli academia.[6]
  • Signed a petition encouraging the United Methodist Church to divest from “companies that enable the occupation to continue.”[7]








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