Know the Professor: Daniel Boyarin

  • Supports and promotes BDS.[1]
  • Urged the student senate at his university, UC Berkeley, to adopt a bill to divest from Israel.[2]
  • Repeatedly compared Israel to Nazi Germany and likened Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.[3]
  • A self-defined “anti-Zionist.”[4]
  • Signed an open letter calling on the German government to reject a resolution equating BDS with anti-Semitism. The letter also urged Germany to continue funding organizations, including pro-BDS NGOs, that “peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation” and “expose severe violations of international law.”[5]
  • Signed an open letter accusing Israel of “systematic oppression of the Palestinian people.”[6]
  • Signed a letter asserting that “the ‘fog of war’ [against Iraq] could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full- fledged ethnic cleansing.”[7]
  • Signed a petition in support of Hermann Dierkes, a leader of the Left Wing Party in Germany, who called to boycott Israel.[8]
  • Signed a petition to Barak Obama calling on the United States to divest from Israel and to cease providing it with financial, diplomatic and military support.[9]










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