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Know the Professor: Ivy Sichel

  • Served as the spokesperson for the pro-BDS organization, “Coalition of Women for Peace and Justice.”[1]
  • Signed a petition accusing Israel of the “slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people” in Gaza.[2]
  • Signed a petition calling on the European Council, Commission and the European Parliament to pressure Israel into surrendering to Hamas’ demands.[3]
  • Signed a petition in “support and appreciation” of students and lecturers who illegally refused to do IDF service in Judea and Samaria[4]
  • Signed a petition calling to lift the “siege” on Gaza.[5]



[3] http://www.eccpalestine.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Ceasefire-Petition-by-Israeli-Citizens-to-the-EU-1.pdf

[4] http://israel-academia-monitor.com/index.php?type=large_advic&advice_id=3105&page_data%5Bid%5D=3841&cookie_lang=he&the_session_id=85626acf2f490e8ccab62531182e40b3&BLUEWEBSESSIONSID=59bb72759c315d82295dcd97e791afb4

[5] https://sites.google.com/site/verapetition/

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