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Know the Professor: Galia Golan

  • Supports “outside pressure” and selective sanctions” on Israel.[1]
  • Signed an open letter calling on the German government to reject a resolution equating BDS with anti-Semitism. The letter also urged Germany to continue funding organizations, including pro-BDS NGOs, that “peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation” and “expose severe violations of international law.”[2]
  • Signed a petition urging the Spanish parliament to recognize a Palestinian state.[3]
  • Serves on the Advisory Board for the “American Friends of Combatants for Peace,” [4] which funds the far-left Israeli NGO “Combatants for Peace” that, inter alia, organizes an annual “alternative” Remembrance Day ceremony with the families of Palestinian Arab terrorists. Combatants for Peace does not oppose BDS, writing that it “takes no official position regarding BDS.”[5]
  • One of the founders of the far-left NGO “Peace Now.”[6]







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