Know the Professor: Amir Hetsroni

  • Ahead of Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s memorial day, he posted a photo of himself jubilantly smiling next to the graves of IDF soldiers, who he mocked in a post on Facebook: “In honor of the approaching Yom HaZikaron, I stopped by Mount Herzl [military cemetery] to film some amusing videos about slain IDF soldiers. In previous years I primarily laughed at the idiots who volunteered for the paratroopers…this year I will also address non-combat soldiers, who believed that if they serve in the supply room and not in combat they would stay alive – but were mistaken.”[1]
  • Wrote an op-ed titled, “Israeli Universities’ Response to Gaza War May Justify an Academic Boycott.”[2]
  • In response to the murder of IDF soldier Amit Ben-Yigal, he tweeted: “What’s more natural than an occupying kalgas [derogatory word for soldier] who died at the time of the occupation?”[3]
  • Responding to McDonalds’ policy not to open stores in Judea and Samaria, Hetsroni posted a video congratulating McDonalds for “their contribution to BDS.” In the video he referred to Jews living in Judea & Samaria as “international criminals” and “land thieves.”[4]
  • Posted a photo of an Israeli flag being used as a mop, writing that he uses “the Israeli flag as a rag for washing the floor.”[5]
  • Made racist comments about Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews, who he blamed for the Likud’s victory in the 2015 elections. He also said that voting for the Right “is a sign of mental retardation.”[6]







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